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Пресс-релиз Международной Федерации покера (IFP) от 01.03.2010

In response to media speculation over the weekend, to the effect that the International Federation of Poker (IFP) has been accepted as a member of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), IFP President Anthony Holden has today issued the following statement :

"The internet appears to be awash with unconfirmed reports that the International Federation of Poker (IFP) has been formally accepted as a member of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). I do not know how or where these rumours started, but I must make it clear that they are premature. IMSA membership is one of IFP's publicly declared goals, and we have put in much work towards that end over the past year. Despite very encouraging signs, however, we are not there yet. An accurate account of the current situation runs as follows :

"In order for IFP to secure a ‘global’ membership and be recognised in as many countries as possible, IFP requires poker to be recognised as a game of skill - a “Mind Sport” – and is, therefore, planning to apply to become a member of both Sportaccord (formerly the General Association of International Sport Federations - www.sportaccord.com) and the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA - www.imsaworld.com).
"IFP is working with Sportaccord President, Hein Verbruggen, and Executive Director, Mrs Nolvenn Dufay de Lavallaz, for IFP to become a full member of Sportaccord.  IFP will be an observer at the 2010 Sportaccord Congress in Dubai on 30 April 2010 with IFP’s application to become a full member of Sportaccord being presented for approval at the 2011 Congress to be held in London.
"IMSA is a ‘collective’ of Sportaccord Members which are designated as ‘Mind Sports’.  IMSA is a non-profit organisation whose current members are the World Bridge Federation (WBF), World Chess Federation (FIDE), World Draughts Federation (FMJD) and International Go Federation (IGF).
"The goal of IMSA is to ensure different Mind Sport Federations pursue common aims and interests, and to organise world events - World Mind Sports Games - under the aegis of Sportaccord.  The development of IMSA events is entirely consistent with the vision of Sportaccord for its members to unite through multi-sports events.
"The principles for IFP to become a member of IMSA have been discussed at length with IMSA President, José Damiani (President of the World Bridge Federation).  IFP will be attending the 2010 IMSA Executive Council Meetings in Dubai from 27 to 29 April, during the Sportaccord International Convention, with the aim of becoming an immediate (provisional) Member of IMSA as it continues to secure the requisite number of national members and becomes a fully recognised member of Sportaccord."

A more measured account of the current state of play can be found at :

Oliver Chubb

Executive Director
International Federation of Poker

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